101 Freshway Drive, Unit # 50
Vaughan, On L4K 1R9

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101 Freshway Drive, Unit # 50

Concord, ON    L4K 1R9

Here is a small random sampling of some of the many vehicles we’ve worked on over the years. For more pictures, check us out on instagram or facebook. For more headlight and taillight tint pictures, check out the tail light tinting page.


Mustang Window Tint

Professional window film...professionally installed.

Window Tint Gallery

Window Tint + Taillight Tint

Old Cadillac Window Tint

Tail light tint with reverse light cut out

Tinted BRZ

Chevy Truck Tint + Taillights

Tesla Window Tint

Mercedes windows + lights

New Maserati Tinted

Custom Car Window Tint


Tinted Challenger

Old Camper Van Windows

Golden Lambo tint

Elantra Windows + Tail Lights

Ferrari Window Tinting