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101 Freshway Drive, Unit # 50

Concord, ON    L4K 1R9

Tinted tail lights or head lights are a simple way to compliment any window tint job, and give your car a sleek new look. Tail light tint comes in various shades and colours, and actually protects the plastic lens cover from stone chips. Unlike tint sprays that cannot be removed, headlight and taillight tint films can be taken off at any time. In addition to headlight and taillight tint, fog lights, marker lights, and even mirror lights can be tinted as well. Common shades include dark or light tint, yellow, red, or blue. If you’re looking for smoked taillights in Toronto, give the Tint Guys a call today!

Smoked Tail Light Tint

Taillight tint with clear break light cut-out

Headlight and Taillight Tint

Headlight and Taillight Tinting

Smoked Taillight Tint

Yellow Headlight Tint

Taillight tint

Tail light tint

Red Tail Light Tint

Smoked Headlights, yellow fogs

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