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101 Freshway Drive, Unit # 50

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Paint Protection Film

Keep your ride looking newer, longer.

This specially designed, clear, ultra-durable film lays overtop your vehicle’s existing paint, forming an almost invisible layer of protection against stone chips and other potential damage to your car.

Also known as “clear shield,” “clear bra,” “stone guard,” or “PPF” film, paint protection film is an essential component of maintaining the integrity of your vehicle, especially in our harsh Toronto winters.

Paint protection film extends the life of your vehicle’s paint job, making it more valuable upon re-sale. It also allows for a more damage-free appearance for the duration that you own and drive the vehicle.

Paint protection film is especially important in Toronto, where road salt hitting the front of your vehicle is quite common during the winter months.

Can Clear Shield Film be removed if need be?

Yes. As long as the film was applied to a fully cured surface, the film can always be removed with no damage to the paint underneath.

What if the paint has recently been touched up?

If protection film has been applied to a touched-up area, or a painted area that has not yet fully cured, the film will likely remove this portion of the paint upon removing the film.

When is the best time to install Paint Protection Film?

Don’t wait until you get stone chips and damage! PPF installations come out best when a vehicle is brand new, clean, and free of any chips or defects. Get it done right away!