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Window Tinting



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101 Freshway Drive, Unit # 50

Concord, ON    L4K 1R9

Commercial & Residential Window Film Installation

In addition to automotive window tint films, Tint Guys carry a wide selection of commercial and residential window films. Solar (tinted) films provide privacy, heat/glare reduction and UV protection. Frosted and decorative films provide decoration and privacy. Security films strengthen glass windows, making them safer, and protecting against break and enters. Custom striping and logo installations are available too. We service the entire Greater Toronto Area, with no job being too big or too small.

Come visit our showroom to pickup free window film samples, to discuss your project, and to see samples of our work.

UV blocking window films are recommended protection by the Skin Cancer Foundation of Canada.

Lowers the heat the enters your home or office, resulting in less a/c usage, and lower utility costs.

Frosted film with a logo cut-out is an elegant way to provide privacy, and corporate branding at the same time.

Frost Film with Logo

Commercial Window Tint & Films

- Reduces solar energy by up to 80%

- Provides heat and glare reduction from the sun

- Blocks out 99% of the UV

- Reduces fading of floors, carpets, paintings, merchandise and more

- Keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

- 1 way privacy effect

Commercial & Residential Tint

Frosted Privacy Films

Security Film

- Translucent film lets light pass through

- Provides day and night time privacy

- Custom stripes, squares, and logo pattern cut-outs available

- Sandblasted or acid etch glass effect

- Office partition glass, residential glass door inserts, and more!

- Strengthens glass preventing break and enters

- Comes in a clear, tinted, or frosted version

- Blocks out 99% of UV rays

- Prevents broken glass shards from becoming projectiles during a high impact scenario such as an explosion

- Glass safety and security

Solar Films Decorative Film Glass Protection

Professional window film...professionally installed.